Geometry coming through as SpeckleCoreGeometryClasses


Feel this might be a simple fix but not getting much progress with it. I’m sending stuff from Rhino/Grasshopper to Dynamo. All geometry I’m bringing across is coming through as SpeckleCoreGeometryClasses on the dynamo side, before it was coming over as a curve, line ect. Any suggestions would be great!

Using the below versions.
Rhino 6
Dynamo 2.0
Revit 2019

Heya @Olly! Did you, by any chance, upgrade to the pre-release version of the speckle plugins (1.4.x)? If so, i suspect I might know what’s causing the trouble… Can you send me a screenshot of what you have in %localappdata%\SpeckleKits\SpeckleElements? (if the SpeckleElements folder exists).

After you do that, do downgrade to the 1.3.7 (Release Speckle-v1.3.7.137 · speckleworks/SpeckleInstaller · GitHub) to potentially get back to where you were, but do delete first the %localappdata%\SpeckleKits\ folder to make sure.

All of this is valid if you are using the pre-release version :smiley: In case you’re not, we’ll need to dig deeper:

  • did revit upgrade anything?
  • do you actually have anything in %localappdata%\SpeckleKits\?

I’ll be off to bed soon, but will have a looksie if possible.

Hey @dimitrie thanks for the response! Just upgraded dynamo to 2.0.2 and seems to have fixed it!

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Perfect; we actually don’t support dynamo <2.0.1 (minor change, major implications). Happy it worked out!

Hey @dimitrie

I’m having a similar issue and have tried with both latest release and the previous release you point to above.

Also it seems to be only selected curves that are coming through as SpeckleCore

Any clues?

heya @andywatts, weird. besides the usual dynamo version, revit etc, if you can share some of those curves so i can reproduce tomorrow 'morn and get to the bottom of this? you can send me the stream id in private if you want.

Great! I’ve emailed the stream ID to you.

Revit 2018.3
Dynamo 2.0.2

Hey @dimitrie, any luck?

Sorry andy, i am a bit swamped these days; haven’t had a chance to look at this yet - got the stream id and it’s flagged in my inbox :slight_smile: