General concept of workflow with the streams

Hi i have just a general question so to better understand the concept of the streams.

Lets say we have a scenario where multiple users working on a 3D model in various programs and they send to Blender for visualization. Does the receiving Blender need to have one separate stream for each of the building parts so they come together or they can work on the same stream using Keys to identify and filter the objects, or is that the Branch concept that is made for?

From a simplistic permissions point of view, you may wish to use branches for this purpose (multiparty authoring). 1 stream = 1 project, say. with branches acting like directories.

Branches don’t work like the git feature of the same name in that they do not make a ‘copy’ of the main branch when they are created, but all commits to a branch add objects to the same stream (database). This may or may not be of benefit when it comes to total storage or being able to cross-refer objects between commits, child objects etc.

There is no possibility of sharing objects across streams.

You can nest branches by name/name to organise them in a user-friendly way.

Relying only on embedded properties to then manage and filter in Blender sounds complicated :face_with_peeking_eye:.


Thanks for the analogy with directories, got a clearer picture now!

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