Front-End 2 sub-models disappeared

Hi @benjavo,

I guess this would be most relevant to you.

I changed the name of a model in this Try stuff project: Try stuff - Speckle

This model already had geometry in it, and I forgot for a sec that the “/” creates a sub-model when editing a model or creating a new model.
Given that FE2 doesn’t allow for geometry inside models that have sub-models, I can now not find the sub-models anymore:

Hi @JoostGevaert

Could you please provide more information about your issue?

  1. What was the model name before the rename?
  2. What is the new model name after the rename?

Also, please confirm that you can’t find the model after renaming it in both the list & grid view

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Hi @fabians,

Thanks for the reply!
I now see that indeed in the grid view the models are there.
It’s a public Speckle project, so you should be able to see the issue as well. The problem is with the list view, where the speckle (geometry) objects in rhino model doesn’t show any models in the list view. However, in the grid view it shows:
speckle (geometry) objects in rhino/

I now think it doesn’t have so much to do with the renaming, but more with the list view.


We just launched a fix that should resolve the issue with your models not showing up in list view.

Regarding why the viewport seems empty when clicking on “View all” in your folder - Both models are very far from each other in the world space, so when you load them together they’re too far away to see.


That was quick. Amazing, thanks!


Signs of change here at Speckle. We haven’t said much about it yet, but the server and web team have been moving into a rhythm of agile releases, sometimes daily.

This doesn’t mean that every issue will be dealt with quickly, but we have allocated resources such that low-hanging fruit fixes should have many obstacles to getting fixed and released promptly.