Frequent Crashes in Revit With Connector

when trying to open multiple collab’d projects that have been published to speckle,
I am now crashing everytime I try to open 2 prjcts at the same time

That’s not sounding good.

I haven’t experienced this before, can you confirm your Revit version and Speckle Connector version installed.

Is crashing occurring the moment a second synced project is opened? After a meaningful interaction with the project lis? On send or receive?

I am on Revit 2023 also have 2025 but have not tested in there yet,. (Maybe later this month or early May)
It is when opening a 2nd shared collabed Synced file,
It will basically crash once the other syncable project opens and you cannot select connector or anything and then it just crashes,.
Multiple times,

Problematic enough that I have unloaded the revit connector till I can test more

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