Following the Unreal Blueprint example and crashing on Receive

Hi, just following along from the simple blueprint set-up example.

When I debug at the “Receive Operation”, Unreal crashes (crash log changes but have attached one of them) and none of the debug strings print either. I have made this blueprint as an actor which I have dropped into the scene, is there something basic that I am missing? Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

I’m not familiar with the inner workings here, but your script graph seems to be correct.

I’ll check with the team and we’ll try and get you going.

Have you checked out the BlueprintReceiveing blueprint in the Examples folder of the SpeckleUnreal plugin?

This looks similar to what you’re trying to achieve. Does that BP work for you with the same inputs (authToken, stream id, object id, etc)?

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I have copied that sample BlueprintReceiving.uasset file into my project’s content folder but doesn’t recognise it in the content drawer. Is there another way to bring it in?