Filter Stream with only one type of objects - rooms

In my case the Architect has a stream with all of the building components. I would like to create an url that only Receives the Zones / Rooms. Is that possible to create?

I am able to create url pointing to one object but not to an Object Type.

How would you like to create such a URL? And where would you like to receive the filtered information?

More generally, would you like to apply the filtering on Receiving in a connector much as some allow for saving settings for what is sent?

I should have kicked off with, not OOTB, but there are possibilities available…

Hi I would like it to work the same way as for Commit and Object. Instead of highlighting one object and copy that URL, I would like to Highlight one Object Type and receive a stream with all objects of that Type.

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Hi @Magneg :wave:,
Where would you like to receive the filtered information?

Hi. In the Revit App and/or Dynamo. Just paste the URL and get all the Objects from that Object Type.

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In Revit, not possible currently. It’s in our roadmap but we have other priorities atm. But you can do it easily in Dynamo:white_check_mark:. Like this​:point_down::

OK. I see. But if the commit in total is really big. Wouldn’t it be better to do the filtering in the URL?
Like, if you receive several hundreds MB and use just 10% of the information. This is comparable to download a big IFC, but I only want room-information. Like today…

Yeah, afaik our current implementation doesn’t allow filtering before receiving. Correct me if i’m wrong @teocomi @dimitrie

Then I would like that in a future version. Could you put in on the request list?

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I guess we can include this on here. But spoiler alert,it’ll take some time

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Another thing you can do is send just the rooms to a separate branch from Revit. This way sending and receiving will be much faster and you’ll get only what you need.


I think @gokermu/@AlanRynne’s solution is the best way to go about it right now. There are two possible solutions going forward:

Server side queries
FYI, coming from a different angle, we do have another ticket to support this on the server that needs a bit more scoping:

Ideally, we’d be able to add support for receiving data based on urls like /streams/x/commits/y?objectType=RevitRoom.

Direct object receiving
Another way of doing this might come faster is when we fully implement collection classes for element lists (cc @clrkng). You currently can receive individual objects in Speckle, but currently the way we send data out of Revit (and Rhino, and others) uses a simple array which does not get a specific id.

Eg., this url points to a single story, and all its elements, within the building below.

All the building:

Just the one level:

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