Filter color changes weirdly


i have had some issues with the filter colors in the web viewer. Sometimes all elements have the same color even though they all have different values. Here is an example of 3 bending moment diagrams of beams with different values. The diagram in the front should be colored blue, or not?

Now, when i click on the mesh a few times than the color changes, however, after one click it changes back to pink again.

Could you share that Commit with us so we can let the gurus check it out?

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Use one of the highlighted filters:

The viewer and the filters are struggling as those objects are in triplicate with different values.

I have isolated just one of them and overlaid its “twins”:

As there are three identical objects with three different values you wish to colour by, your mileage may vary as to what order they display especially after interactions.

As these are made in grasshopper, are you perhaps (like with the line colouring) having issues with data-lacing? i.e. should there only be 3 distinct shapes, each with unique values?

Hi @jonathon,

thanks for the help. That was exactly the solution to the issue.
I didn’t notice that I had 9 instead of 3 elements.


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