Fetching objects with Comments

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a way to retrieve the comment data associated with a specific object? I’ve commented on specific objects in the web UI, and now I’d like to receive the commit data then based on commented objects. Is this possible?

PS: I was looking at GraphQL and noticed that the Comment class does not appear to have any information on the associated object? Not even in the data property. Am I missing something?

In theory, yes. In practice, not yet.

    streamId: "STREAM_ID"
    resources: {resourceType: commit, resourceId: "COMMIT_ID"}
  ) {
    items {

…returns a JSON object data that includes a property selection, which should be a collection of ObjectIds

Currently, comments made when objects are selected will not return those objects when retrieving the comment in the UI or the GQL.

The Resource for creating a comment programmatically also theoretically supports object as a resourceType, but doing so is also not currently supported in the backend.

I’ll track the issue and report back if/when this changes.


Thanks Jonathon! It would be super handy for evaluating designs!

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