Feature of the embed viewer, easter egg?

Embed urls in the form of https://__host__/embed?stream=STREAM_ID&object=OBJECT_ID do not display the “powered by speckle”, view control widgets or the data filter.

https://__host__/embed?stream=STREAM_ID&commit=COMMIT_ID behaves as expected

https://__host__/embed?stream=STREAM_ID&object=COMMIT_REFERENCE_OBJECT_ID is the same model viewer content but with no chrome overlay.

Right now I’m exploiting this for the hackathon but is this actually a bug?

Commit Id as Commit

Commit Reference Id as Object


To follow-up, if your stream has in any branch a commit with no visible objects then you can restore the view control widgets to an object-based embed view by URL in the form of


Enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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