Feature Idea: Camera views as part of automate result

It’d be good to be able to specify specific views or camera positions as part of automate result, in order to do things like cut sections, highlight viewshafts, or align views to chainages or create dynamic slideshows. We definitely use automation routines to define views for coordination reviews etc in navisworks. In many cases just highlighting objects would be enough, but explicit control of the camera would be ideal.

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How many views are we talking about?

The context view schema is essentially the new web app URL schema. it isn’t directly an extendable object. You may have seen, that camera control has been omitted from the schema from FE1. This could be added as an automate-frontend integration ticket.

Stretch goal already technically possible:

If, within your function, you:

  • publish a model version which just has View objects as defined per the schema
  • add that model version to the context view URL string
  • access the view(s) from the canonical views button and have the automated results present.
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I’ll prototype that out as I think that’s a logical end goal for my chainage marker generator doohickey.

Long term, I guess it’s a matter of utility. By convention, a static view is generally part of a scene and adding views to a static scene in, say, unity, would be as you say, federating in a new scene with the cameras in it, so your method makes sense.

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