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Hi everybody, I’m having some issues with a power bi report with a visual model from Revit, the thing is that the changes I apply by using the Slicers are very slow, I wonder if there is a way to “purge” or make it lighter, I only need the 3D view, because of my data comes from an excel file.


What would you like to purge? The properties provided? The types of elements?

We just launched in SpeckleRevit 2.16.3 the ability to send a lower level of detail for the 3D viewer geometry-wise.

There are a few tactics/techniques that could be employed by transforming the data before passing it to slicers. Let’s see what you are looking to achieve more clearly first before pursuing any.

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I would like to purge anything that could make my visual model run faster, currently is quite slow. I could share the link of the specific model and my report.

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Hello @MichellRP,

Currently, we are sending all parameters from Revit, which might be overwhelming for Power BI side. We have a ticket to selectively send parameters from Revit, which will make the interaction in Power BI much lighter. This change requires some significant modifications in our UI/UX and might cause some breaking changes in the whole workflow. Therefore, it won’t happen anytime soon.

In the meantime, I suggest that you receive the model in Grasshopper, filter out only the parts that you are interested in (such as geometry and a parameter to create a relation with the Excel data), and then send that to Power BI. This will ensure that you receive only the necessary data and it will make the interaction lighter.

Please let me know if you need any help with this process or if you have any questions.

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