Failing to send large data set from Excel


I’m trying to send this data set from Excel (120k+ entities)

I could send parts of it but not the entire data set at once.

Here is the stream

Is there a data size limit for sending over Excel data to Speckle?

Theoretically, no (and yes)

We can check out what is failing and why and when. Excel connector is in essence a web browser connection, so If it is a connection timeout, that can have many causes. But I can’t be specific 'til we’ve tested it out.

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I’ve tested with different sizes - i.e sending over 1.5k rows work, but 20k don’t

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@pauldotnet We are investigating this issue (belatedly) and want to confirm if you were using Desktop or Online Excel when you experienced the error.

We can’t reproduce this report on Desktop, but were keen to get to the bottom of this.

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I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly, but I believe I tried from both web and desktop.

Hey @pauldotnet,

We’ve just made some improvements to the amount of data that can be sent from the excel connector. Could you try it now to see if it works?

note: the send operation may take a bit of time and the UI doesn’t (yet) give good feedback that a send operation is going on. It took me about 40s to send the entire document that you sent