Failing to load the query

Hello, I am trying to load a query into powerbi and I am getting this error:

It was an existing dashboard where i just replaced the Source to a new project.
Here is the link to it: Viewer - R26 - Speckle

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Hey @szapelka

Not sure what could be going on here, it’s the first time i’ve seen this error.

Are your data source settings in PowerBI pointing to your main server or just to the specific branch you were previously fetching?

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 13.02.23

If you selected the specific branch on the dropdown when setting up the initial Query, your access will be scoped to that specific branch URL. We suggest you always pick the highest possible level to apply your credentials to, specially if you’re planning on switching the URLs the query points to in the future.

Not sure if this is what’s triggering this issue, but it’s worth a try :wink:

Hey @AlanRynne,

Data source is pointing to the specific branch (but its not a branch anymore but a project and model as we switched to 2.17.3).
However, I had chosen the highest possible level for my credentials.