Exporting link models to speckle inside of Revit

@jonathon is there anyway to export linked model from Revit to speckle where you only bring across what’s viewable in the scope box of a 3d view.

Problem is I want to bring models of project into speckle by level, thus allowing for lighter models broke down by discipline (Mechanical, Architectural, Structural, Electrical) when selecting “Send linked model” it sends all of it. Is there anyway around this other than opening the linked models and creating views for levels you want to exported.?

If you have any ideas on how to better implement this workflow i’m all ears. currently using 2.17.1 but going to update right now.

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I was unaware that Linked models performed this way from 3d view uploads - I’ll try and replicate it.

If it does, then this sounds like something we should address.

Ya it does bring in everything even stuff you don’t want.

AFAIK, there is a Revit API limitation on querying linked elements in the active view.

@gokermu there must be a way to do this as you are able to do so exporting .nwc into Navisworks. (I don’t profess to know anything about the API) but it is a really needed feature here in Speckle. I assume alot of Revit users won’t want to have to export in the entire linked building models. Nor go into the linked models their working with and export floors / views separately. Hope you guys will find a solution to this in the future.

There is, of course, every possibility that ADSK has some non-public API calls up its sleeve.

As stated, we will investigate and, if possible, raise it as a development ticket. However, I cannot give an exact timeline for action for this.

I have cross-checked numerous options for a possible workaround for what we have, but I can confirm that your problem is always reproducible. Even a single selection of components of a linked file will send the entire file as if the link is the selected item.

Given what @gokermu has posted, there may be an issue that we need to work around regarding what the SDK allows for, so I have raised this as an investigation ticket. i.e., is this something we can do?

If it is and it becomes a development ticket, I will give feedback here.

Thank you for digging into it. To address the issue, I’ve navigated through the architectural and structural linked models and exported the necessary geometry directly from them. Given that receiving updated models from consultants is a rarity in my field, I anticipate only needing to perform this task once or, at most, twice throughout the project’s duration.

Speckle has proven to be an excellent tool, encouraging other team members to transition from the longstanding use of Navisworks has been somewhat challenging due to ingrained habits but i’m really enjoying it.

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