Export/import comments as BCF/CSV files

It would be great to be able to export/import comments in BCF or CSV format. Also, it would be useful to add tags such as Priority, contractor or level in the comments. Then it would be possible to import those comments in CSV format into Power BI to track the state of them.
For example, Trimble connect is already possible to add tags in the comments and export them as BCF or CSV format, then it is easy to load into Power bi to control the status of those comments using a dashboard.

Interesting suggestion @vmunozbe , we’ve been thinking of adding support for BCF and/or some sort of issue tracking capabilities for some time now, but the integration in Power BI is a new idea.


It is also possible to query the Speckle comments directly from powerBI if you want to achieve that immediately. @AlanRynne demonstrated how you can flex powerquery to use the wider GraphQl API, which includes comments, at SpeckleCon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLundZG7W20

Where we have seen other speckle users improvise in advance of some of the features you and @teocomi reference is to structure the comment with metadata according to some quasi-schema

i.e. we’ve seen both status and types recorded with emojis :fire: :boom: :heart: etc.

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