Excel connector features & bug: Viewer ; Accounts / Servers ; Filter & receive 🐛


I’ve been playing with the Excel connector a bit, and got some feedback:

  1. :rocket: The Speckle viewer that is integrated into the Excel connector blocks the Excel connector, i.e. you can’t click any buttons, when you open a stream until the data in the main branch of that stream is loaded. This is quite annoying, because often you don’t care about viewing the data that’s in the main branch.

    This is not to say that the viewer isn’t useful. It’s amazing! It’s super awesome that you can select speckle IDs of objects and that the viewer then filters for those :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

  2. :family_man_woman_girl_boy: It’s not possible to switch between accounts / servers easily from within the Excel connector. I have to log out and then log in again if I want to switch (which is actually something I can live with, but could be improved).

  3. :bug: The Excel connector seems to ignore my filters, and receive all data anyway:

All perfect feedback @JoostGevaert, and we value it.

Excel continues to be an essential part of the surfacing data story and touches several moving parts of the platform. In this case, some conflicts have crept in and need to be addressed by our team.

It so happens that these issues are on the backlog for a coming release already, and we thank other users and partners for continuing to bear with the development here.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, good to know that you were already aware of it, and even better that it’ll be solved soon!

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