Etabs to Revit / Revit importing duplicate model

Etabs Ultimate 21.2.0 to Revit 2024

Initial Workflow

  • Create Etabs model, send to Speckle and receive to Revit
  • This is working fine and the model is received with no issues


  • Update - the Etabs model and send to Speckle - say for example I have changed one beam type
  • Expectation - Receive new model, expect to see all unchanged items to be ignored and only the beam in question to be replaced in Revit with the new beam.
  • Problem - Selecting receive option to Ignore - does nothing. The Receive action runs but no update occurs
  • Problem - Selecting receive option to update - this will import an entire duplicated model. (not update the original) It will include the changes made and uploaded from Etabs. It overlays this entire model on top of the original model.
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Welcome to Speckle @eoin156. We will try to replicate this and get back to you.

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