ETabs 20.3 and Revit 2022 Interoperability issue

Hello Specklers,

I am trying to use alpha release 2.13.0 for all my connectors for Speckle. I was trying to follow the basic example file of Strucutral model from Revit to Etabs . However, it seems my geometry is not visible and few strucutral elements are skipped. The error report looks like this:
Objects.Structural.Geometry.Node 3c7061e7e8c6ede6f2abfabb7eb3b085 Skipped
Node does not have a valid location
Objects.Structural.Geometry.Node d81b641b2abe5f9211d3cc5059814a56 Skipped
Node does not have a valid location.

Also, this is how my Etabs window looks like:

hello @ashinde_TYL

Thanks for reaching out! Sometimes for me the ETABS viewer is buggy and I need to close the 3D view and open it again to see the objects.

If that doesn’t work then I may need a bit more info to help. The easiest way is share the speckle commit with me either in this forum or via private message so I can try to replicate the issue. Would you be able to do that?

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Hello @connor ,

I am glad you are helping me out. Sincerely, thanks . I have messaged you in private the stream details. Also I tried closing and reopening the Etabs , it still shows me the same. Note: When I created Etabs 20 file, it was a blank file to start with default settings.

Abhishek Shinde

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Thanks for sharing the stream @ashinde_TYL

Everything seems to be working on my end. This is a very simple suggestion, but I can tell from the screenshot you shared that your model is zoomed out very far. Have you tried zooming in? Again, sorry for the extremely simple suggestion, but everything is working for me. You can see from this gif here


Regarding the “node does not have valid location”, that error is definitely a misnomer. It isn’t really an error at all, this is expected behavior. Currently, individual nodes sent from Revit are skipped because the nodes instead are created from the physical elements that are sent.

If this still isn’t working then please let me know and we can maybe try to dig down into your specific etabs settings and see if that has something to do with it


Hi @connor,

very excited about the possibilities that the Revit and ETABS roundtrip workflow brings with it!! :smiley:

Further to the above post from @ashinde_TYL regarding geometry being skipped - I am trying the same workflow out which you had presented on the tutorial video: taking a sample model in Revit which contains wooden structural elements and a RC core wall (objects not in the tutorial video) and sending that to ETABS. The following observations were made:

  • The sizes of the wooden columns aren’t imported correctly. The custom section(s) made in ETABS doesn’t seem to have the correct dimensions despite having the correct name; and
  • Wall elements with openings (e.g. Doors) from Revit are skipped and not included in the ETABS model.

Kindly see screenshots below. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

cc: @AlexHofbeck @ltascheva


Hi @bjoernsteinhagen,

Thank you for reporting these issues! The first issue that you pointed out was actually an issue in Revit on send. The values were not being properly scaled from Revit’s internal units (feet) to the units of your commit. However this has been fixed in this PR that will soon be merged in. You can expect a new version soon, I’ll ping you when it is released.

As for the wall openings, you are correct that this functionality has not been implemented yet. I just started working on this and I will keep you update on my progress.

Thanks again for pointing these things out. If you find any other issues, then please let me know so we can make a better workflow.


Thanks a lot @connor and @bjoernsteinhagen for pointing this issue. Please keep me posted!

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Sounds great, thank you @connor! :slight_smile:

Regarding other workflow items / further development: I am currently looking at the result exports from ETABS, specifically for pier and spandrel assignments. I will, however, open a new post for this if I find anything :slight_smile:


Good morning @connor,

Checking in on the above issues. I updated the ETABS Connector to v2.13.2, however, unfortunately still encounter the problem that walls with openings are skipped during the Receive Operation in ETABS.

Anything else I could try to rectify this? :slight_smile:


cc: @AlexHofbeck