Error when trying to open Revit connector

Looking for some help running into an error when trying to open Revit Connector in 2023
Error says:

Revit encountered a Method not found:

I did just update to version 2.17.0 this morning. Thanks for any help that can be shared.

Revit PNidmodeler Add in needed to be disabled then it worked.

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Thanks for the update - to confirm it is the P&ID Modeler for Revit that was causing difficulty.

It is a zoo when handling different dependencies - but we should all see what we can do to avoid conflicts.

You detail will help us pinpoint where the conflict lies


Ya that’s correct, I had the same error a few months back but had forgotten the solution. Going back through my messages on Speckle I saw someone had mentioned to me earlier it was like an add-in and to go through and disable them one by one to figure it out. I found that it was the P&ID Modeler for Revit.