Error to load speckle in different python environment

Hey @Darshan, sorry we’ve been slow to get to this; we have been away on a team working retreat.

Just from your screenshots it looks like the difference between not working (top) and working (bottom) is the environment you are running the jupyter notebook.

When running locally and using the specklepy SDK, this will leverage local storage for a couple of uses:

  1. lookup for locally described accounts (sqlite & json)
  2. caching of objects in sends/receives

Assuming the top image is Google Colab or another Jupyeter server runtime, these “local” reads/writes may not be possible if you use the wrapper helper methods.

It is possible to do, but if you could give a little insight into the specific runtime, I can point you in a couple of directions:

  1. Don’t use get_default_account(); this will fail unless an accounts object exists
  2. Instead, create an Account object with appropriate details OR
  3. Use the Speckle Client and authorise it to the server with an access token instead of any account.

There may be other gotchas down the road, but let’s start there.