Error status while trying to import stl 3D-model into power bi

Hello everyone,

I am new to Speckle. And as a first step, i was trying to import a 3D model into Power BI using Speckle. Unfortunately I am getting the following: “The column data of the table was not found”. This is the link to my uploaded STL 3D-model: Speckle
I tried previously with the dummy link from Speckle youtube channel. It worked as can be seen from the attached picture but from my 3D model im getting error. Could someone please help me fix this?

Thank you a lot speckle community!

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Thanks for joining us here at Speckle.

As a first experience with Speckle, I’d say the STL import is not a great starting point. I’m sorry for that.

I think in all the improvements we have made over the last year, STL import has been untouched. Indeed, I think its last change predates the existing PowerBI connector.

STL doesn’t typically carry a great deal of meta-data. Is your hope to test the data workflows with Speckle, in which case we can share more meaningful resources? If, instead, it is that particular model you are interested in, I’d love to know more about it.

Expanding the singular data point in the current data explorer shows what might be available from a single Mesh object.

Slim pickings for PowerBI

I’ll add a development ticket to align STL important with other recently updated connectors.

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As for your particular issue, we’ve already solved the problem and will be available in our next release of the PowerBI data connector :wink:

But Jonathon is correct in pointing out that STL may not be the best usecase for a dashboard as it’s pure geometry with no meta-data


Thank you for your fast response. Looking forward to the next release!