Got this error on, it disappeard when reloaded the page. What caused it?

hey @Sandra , Are you seeing this:

  • all the time?
  • is it first time you’ve seen it?
  • was it just an error but everything is working?

That message appears when the App state exceeds 100 errors in a minute. The service that registers those errors are the workers that sync aspects of the application state with the speckle server.

A page reload working to clear it suggests that the browser webworkers had a hiccup in connection and lost context, retired with stale information. Refreshing gave them all a wakeup and reconnected with the server correctly.

Okey so it shoud be ok then, or could we have lost any information or similar?

You shouldn’t have, no. The workers keep the application’s state in sync with the server to handle the popup that shows a new commit is received or update the lists of streams, branches and commits generally in sync. Like a silent phonecall where neither side hangs up - in this case one side did maybe.

If a comment has been attempted that didn’t get through, you would be notified separately of individual failures.

Okey :+1: How would I have been notified?