Error adding account - Brave browser/Mac


Trying to set up my account but faced with a Speckle Manager v2.26 error on login “there was an error adding the account”.

The desktop manager is authorised.

I have attached a screenshot of the console.


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I was getting acquainted with Speckle in 2022 and downloaded the manager for macos. I get the same error as above, same console situation. I am on an M1 macOS Monterey 12.2.1. I can log in just fine to

Hey @hpkvelos ,

It seems like you’re on windows, and so you should instead use the new manager, you can grab it here: Manager for Speckle

@luis we’ll look into it! The new manager for mac should come out soon too :slight_smile:


just tried with new email and get the same:

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We’ve found the bug and released 2.2.9 with a fix!
Note that if you’re on Windows instead, 2.4 is the current latest version.


Hey @teocomi ,

Thanks for jumping in.

I’m actually on Mac but all’s well I just connected no probs :+1:


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The new manager now has its official place on our downloads page