Embedded web visualization controls missing

Hi Speckle Team!

In the last days I was looking at some of my embedded visualisations, and realised that the custom buttons (section, views, ortho mode, etc) are missing. Is this an intended feature, or a bug?

Many of my use cases rely on the section view control (below an example for a daylight simulation visualisation)

Object | Speckle

Continue the great work, hope to meet you some day around London!



Hi @monsieurpablo! I actually took them out, not realising they’re actually used from the embedded viewer (shave a few kbs of loading time). I’ll make an issue to add them back!

Do note: views were moved to the side bar, would you want them back as well in the canonical views button?

Tracked here.

Hi @dimitrie thank you so much for the fast reply!

Hope those tools in the embedded are not only useful for me! The saved views are also a nice addition to align the section plane with the geometry. Also for being able to view the perpendicular top view.

From my side, I would want as much funcionallity from the embeded viewer as possible, even turning objects on and off, but that’s cause I am using the viewer in some streamlit reports. I imagine that the better way of controling the viewer would be with native JS, using Vue or similar, but I am not yet savy enought to do it.

Ah nice, I’m dying to see an example actually - I haven’t seen streamlit before (looks super nice). I’ve assigned myself to fix this in our current sprint, so stay tuned! I’ll try to add as a bonus the object explorer controls in the embedded viewer too :slight_smile:

Hi Dimitri, thanks you so much for the extremely fast reply. I think this was on a Sunday. Check your inbox, I could share a simple WIP version of a dashboard.