Embedding Speckle web viewer with multiple commit data or branch data


Im wondering if there’s a way to embed the speckle viewer with multiple commit data. For ex. below is the image of what my web viewer shows with 2 commits VS the iFrame embed code showing only the original commit.

Any suggestions/alternatives welcome.

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Hey @Siddharth12 , very good suggestion, we should have thought about it already! :slight_smile:
I’ve tracked it internally and we’ll be adding support for this soon.

Hi @teocomi !

Thank you for adding that support. Look forward to the update.

Many thanks,

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Hey, quick update! We’ve added support for filters and other query params. Currently it’s enabled on our staging server, and we’re planning a release next week that should bring things to xyz!

This is an example of embedding a commit with a preset filter:

And here are two - completely unrelated - commits being overlayed.

Also, from feedback from @monsieurpablo (sorry for being so late in implementing this!), we’ve added

  • viewer controls (section box, zoom extents, etc)
  • filters support
  • named views

in the embedded viewer.


Thanks @dimitrie! This is great!

I’ll wait for the release on xyz server to really start using it.


Aha, nice!

I was recently tinkering with something like this but with a POST payload to handle URL length limits and 414s. Will test.

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Yeah, you’ll hit url length limits if you’re filtering by a long list of objects :sweat_smile: I saw some diagramming tool (can’t find it now again, ffs) getting away with zipping and base64-ing the whole url query so you could basically get the whole graphic in the url! Something i wanted to test & grandfather in at one point as it sounds easier than a url shortener :smiley: