Embedded viewer not working in mobile phone browse

I have an issue like that, I can’t read my acticle in my blog from mobile when I embed view to blog,
Any recommend ?
This is my post : Check Point Is In Room Dynamo Revit Speckle | Hồ Văn Chương (chuongmep.com)

This is a problem when we use mobile phone to see :

This is when I use computer to read :

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While not the same error, I do see something breaking on safari iOS at the point the viewer scrolls into view.

Could you try the embed without auto load to see what my be going on?

Just loading the page and not scrolling still sees the post reloading the whole page multiple times before displaying

When I try off auto load, it working in my side :grimacing:

That’s a good start, then. What isn’t clear is why on mobile, the embedded viewer is triggering page reloads. We’ll test.

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Auto load is awesome now, I really like some custom of view embed auto load, hope can find reason :sunglasses:

:eek: it even crashes my remote debugger

Can we try a more minimal test case - your post has many embeds

Hi @jonathon , I don’t have any post autoload at the moment, but wil try upload one title contain one.

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I hope this is useful for you to check