Embed Function Preview

Hi guys,

I have updated the server to 2.18.0 today and tried out the embed function … something we really use due to data-protection reasons, but for those who want to use it …

it seems the preview is not working. Below a console screenshot.

Maybe this is an issue with our deployment, maybe it is something general … hope this helps.


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Testing unannounced features minutes after they deployed - impressive.

Less good is your experienced outcome. We will check and get back to you.

Sorry will not happen again :wink: . Had to update the server anyway and thought why not … this combined with the curiosity of finding a blue button at the top :wink:

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You’ll notice from your screenshot that the Embed Code field is also not populated, and the error messages were a quick indication to the team that there is a new ENV variable not set. NUXT_PUBLIC_BASE_URL

We are quickly updating the deployment docs to reflect this right now!! It’s not changed yet, but watch this space: https://github.com/specklesystems/speckle-docs/blob/b8e61f0c768cdbb80a118588506ed5499d470aee/dev/server-manualsetup.md