Elements of model being excluded when sending from Revit to ETABS

Hi All,

A quick rundown of the software and speckle versions im running

Revit 2023
Speckle for Revit V 2.14.3
Speckle for ETABS V 2.14.3

I know this issue has been touched on a few times but from what I’ve seen, each time someone has reported on it there seems to be minor variations.

I’m trying to work through interoperability between Revit and ETABS in my office and speckle seems to be the most promising prospect for making this a reality.

The issue I seem to be having is a random selectivity with which ETABS onboards information from the cloud based speckle environment. Send the Revit model via the onramp to the online environment seems to work perfectly and all elements appear as they should when viewed on the speckle online viewer. (see below image)

To give example on this issue see the bellow image.

wall labeled 1 and wall labeled 2 are identical in all manners within revit yet wall 2 (along with many other elements including some slabs) seem to become lost in translation (see below image)

I did an experiment and deleted wall 2, then copied wall 1 to the location and sent it again…hey presto the wall appears.
Im unsure why this is happening as all the identity data within the revit model for these particular walls is the same yet one comes into etabs and the other does not, this is also occurring with some floors.

i look forward to further progress on these issues and if i can provide any files to help the devs replicate the issue and identify the faults im happy to assist.

Thanks for the report @reomur , this really helps us in making the product better.

Could you share this Revit file with just wall 1 and wall 2? We’ll then be able to debug on our end and see what’s happening.

Also, in the ETABS Speckle Connector, you should be able to open the “report” view just after receiving. Does it say anywhere why wall 2 failed to receive?

It is basically the same scenario that we have:
Revit - Speckle - ETABS: Walls with openings - Help - Speckle Community

Or it seems that way

There is already a Github Issue in place for it.

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