Elastic Search and File Paths for Revit Families

Hi All

We have a container file of Furniture families. We are thinking through how to make this easy to search and review vs having to send around a 1.5GB Revit file.

  1. If we had URL or file paths on families from Revit, is there an easy way to make items “clickable” in the viewer?
  2. A more advanced version of this would be to index a stream in Elastic and find the individual files, and show just those in a “dynamic stream”

Has anyone done something like this? This image is just “the Bs”


Can you elaborate on “clickable”? To take a user to a network path to find the family?

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We have certainly seen “catalogue” or “asset library” uses made with Speckle. Some are showcases, and some are a little more elaborate.

We have seen users add attachments to comments against elements in a catalogue model.

Not quite to the scale you are describing. Still, if there were a systematic way to describe all the families and embed that logic in branches, I could see something like that being possible - effort would be needed to cross-match source and speckle object, but it seems doable.

URLs are sanitized in the viewer even if they are stored within properties. This is a conservative security feature to some extent.

Yeah. Ultimately we’d want to get the family into their Revit session so a start would be getting the path but longer term would be to “copy” and paste like the other tools do.

Understood. Food for thought.

Copy and pasting a Revit family from Speckle feels out of scope. But, expanding catalogue capabilities is firing my grey cells.

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Yeah, copy-paste is arbitrage… would require a desktop plugin to “receive” the file data.

@jonathon , do you have any recent examples of Revit family catalogues or asset libraries stored on speckle or another cloud application. would utilizing airtable for referencing a speckle project that includes the catalog work?

I do know of examples @mmelek but not many I can share.

We have, however, just shared a case study with our friends at Stykka (@Davide et al) : Enabling Circular Furniture with Stykka and Speckle

They have been using Speckle from a cataloguing point of view.

Another Enterprise partner uses Speckle to store Grasshopper definitions of objects for reuse by their global civil engineers to standardise some of the root inputs to their structural computational design workflows.