Elastic Search and File Paths for Revit Families

Hi All

We have a container file of Furniture families. We are thinking through how to make this easy to search and review vs having to send around a 1.5GB Revit file.

  1. If we had URL or file paths on families from Revit, is there an easy way to make items “clickable” in the viewer?
  2. A more advanced version of this would be to index a stream in Elastic and find the individual files, and show just those in a “dynamic stream”

Has anyone done something like this? This image is just “the Bs”


Can you elaborate on “clickable”? To take a user to a network path to find the family?

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We have certainly seen “catalogue” or “asset library” uses made with Speckle. Some are showcases, and some are a little more elaborate.

We have seen users add attachments to comments against elements in a catalogue model.

Not quite to the scale you are describing. Still, if there were a systematic way to describe all the families and embed that logic in branches, I could see something like that being possible - effort would be needed to cross-match source and speckle object, but it seems doable.

URLs are sanitized in the viewer even if they are stored within properties. This is a conservative security feature to some extent.

Yeah. Ultimately we’d want to get the family into their Revit session so a start would be getting the path but longer term would be to “copy” and paste like the other tools do.

Understood. Food for thought.

Copy and pasting a Revit family from Speckle feels out of scope. But, expanding catalogue capabilities is firing my grey cells.

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Yeah, copy-paste is arbitrage… would require a desktop plugin to “receive” the file data.