Dynamo : "Polycurves may be branching"


Trying to receive this stream in Dynamo.
Here is the message I get.
I see that all objects are getting processed during loading time but there is no way to receive them after such warning :confused:

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:wave: hey @pauldotnet,

thx for reporting this! I have never encountered this error before so I’d have to look into this while debugging. I’m guessing these are the same curves you got from QGIS right? :slight_smile:

Even if some curves where to fail, the ones that succeed should still make it to the output, so I’m guessing there are 2 things at play here:

  • A bug in the receiver that stops any output if a single conversion fails.
  • An edge-case in the polycurve conversion that we did not anticipate for Dynamo (this should be fairly easy to solve by “exploding” the polycurve and outputing the segments, so hopefully it would be a quick fix!

Not sure if I’ll have time today to check this out, but I’ll definitely get to it first thing tomorrow. If you want the GitHub cred, feel free to open up an issue on our speckle-sharp repo! If not, I’ll happily do so myself :wink:

Not sure if I can offer you a work-around right now. I’ll ping @teocomi in case he has any ideas on what may be happening / how to prevent it?

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yes, thanks for the help.
FYI I managed to get them via the Rhino connector.

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FYI receiving the stream here in GH, with Polyline Curve, works properly

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@pauldotnet can you try with a different geometry scaling in Dynamo?

Extra Large maybe??

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When I read that yesterday eve I thought it was a brillant idea, but unfortunately when trying this morning, the issue remains the same

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