Domain Owned Streams & Admin Control

We would like to have streams that persist even if the user who owns or created the stream is deleted. We’re using Speckle on our own deployment. When a user is deleted, all of their streams are deleted.

I think the easiest way would be to have a super user who is added as an owner on all streams so when an individual user is deleted, their streams presumably persist).

It’s not going to be sustainable to ask users to do this on every stream, so I think we would probably need a domain administrator who is automatically an owner on every stream.

Really this is a broader request for more administrator features in custom deployments like the ability to assign streams to users without the invitation flow, ability to override the email verification requirement (or to automatically forgo verification if the user signs up with OIDC/Google) and server-wide webhooks that can be triggered by stream creation or server events.

We face the same issue and you have my vote :slight_smile:. We could of course do this with GraphQL and we did (@samberger) … but something less hacky would be nice.

MS Teams does it like this:
You can leave a MS Teams team … team stays and is empty. Admin can enter any project and own it by entering. Maybe this approach might be the solution.


We hear you.

There are two suggestions wrapped up in the one reported symptom here.

  • Greater domain administration possibilities
  • Streams persist beyond the life of a user :headstone:

We can add your voice to our existing story for the first; I’m unsure if we have heard a clear description of the second before, so thank you.