Does xUnitRevit support Revit 2025 API or .Net 8 upgrade?

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I’ve been researching to use xUnitRevit for my Revit plugins. As we know that the Revit 2025 API requires the .net 8 upgraded plugins, my question is if the xUnitRevit framework supports it or not?

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It has not been revised nor tested to work with 2025.

We multi-version release xUnitRevit and both the runner and utils projects for all versions up to 2024 are targeting Net4.8. All also rely on the Speckle.Revit.API nuget we publish, which would include the relevant Revit dlls.

That said, if you clone the repo, copy a new 2025 directory for the two components, change the target framework and add dependency references to your local Revit dlls you are welcome to try, test, confirm and contribute.

All PRs are welcome!!!

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