Dlubal RFEM Connector

Hi @Community,

I’m excited to announce that I started to work on RFEM Connector :rocket:. I would like to share my thoughts and plans about the development, and I have some questions to the Speckle team also.

Architecture and Development
I started to work with Python SDK since RFEM has a Python API also. The Blender Connector is a great guide for me to create the architecture, but there are some basic distinctions between two programs.

I already managed to send and receive geometry data, but I have to say it’s still in a pre-development stage. :dark_sunglasses:

The question is, should we create a new repository for this connector? Sure I can contunie to develop on my own repo, but I’m hoping to reach another community members so we can manage it together :slight_smile: @izzylys

Desktop UI for Python SDK
My biggest concern is there is no template we can use for Desktop UI in Python SDK. There are 3 solutions I thought about it:

  • Create a Desktop UI template for Python SDK with community development (PyQT5 is one of the solutions, or Electron can be used with Python hooks for a cross-platform solution)

  • Find a way to use Avalonia solution for Desktop UI, but connect it with Python methods (not even sure if it’s possible or not)

  • Develop the whole library as a C# project (which is the worst case scenario for me)

Let me just share the link of the RFEM Python API repository so interested people can have a look.


Hear you soon!


Fantastic news @dogukan , I’m super happy to see this :partying_face:

I was actually just discussing the possibility of a RFEM Connector with @AlexHofbeck (which you might know).

Some answers to your questions:

In regards to the repository, we do not have a monorepo for python based projects yet (like speckle-sharp), and if you’re planning to keep maintaining the Connector, it might just be simpler if it’s in your organization/account?

No easy answer here, as you have already imagined! Ultimately the decision is up to you :slight_smile:
My 2 cents are:

  • if RFEM has a .NET API and it’s as mature as the Python one, it’d make sense to have the connector in C# to leverage the existing DesktopUI and to keep it consistent with most of the other connectors. Also, C# is fun! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • it is possible to launch DesktopUI as a separate process and have it communicate with the main app via IPC, but it’s a bit tricky and the integration is not as smooth (eh it’s a completely separate window)

I’ll let others chime in here, especially @izzylys !



Hi guys,

thanks for mentioning us @teocomi. @dogukan: I really like the :rocket: attitude.

We are currently taking a bit of a peak on the newest RFEM version and toying around with the API (@HQue and others). When we are getting a bit more serious about it (mgmt discussion), we would be really happy to exchange about a collab in case you are interested @dogukan :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

After some discussions with my colleagues, we decided to change our development strategy to the .NET SDK :upside_down_face:

We forked to original repo, and already started to work on it. I’ll drop the link below to be accesible for whole community, especially to @AlexHofbeck :smiley:

Wish us luck, and stay tuned :rocket:


Fantastic, thanks for the update! :+1:
Happy to jump and a technical scoping call if needed as well.

We are in the phase of discovery of your SDK - so far, so good. I’m sure we will contact you to discuss things. I’m looking forward to working with you guys.