Display error: Context Display - Hidden/Ghosted

Hello everyone, these past few weeks I’ve been testing the Speckle tool with the connectors for PowerBI and Revit. Everything is working correctly except for a couple of things.

One of them is an error in the 3D visualization in PowerBI. As you can see in the image, when I generate filters based on certain characteristics like CATEGORIES, VARIABLE, ELEMENT LEVEL, etc., the filter is generated with color identification. However, the elements that do not belong to or are not within the groups of the selected filters continue to appear.

I don’t know what could be causing this, and I would like to know if you could help me with this problem, as only the elements of the filter should appear in the view and the rest should not appear.

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I have the same issue, someone advised in another post to sort by object ID of the 3D Speckle visual. the solution worked for the first time but the issue arose again.

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I was trying the option to activate Object ID but it still doesn’t hide the elements that don’t correspond to the filter. Any other ideas?

Hey @Joff_20,

Can you please ensure that the Tooltip Info of your 3D visual is not empty? We have a known issue where if this field is empty, the 3D visual doesn’t interact with other visuals correctly.

Hello @gokermu, I appreciate your response.

Yes, I did verify that the Tooltip field had information, and nothing. The visualization problem still persists. I have already tried different combinations in the options but I cannot solve it. I try with other files but the same thing happens.

In this other file, the same thing happens to me; when I apply filters, the elements that do not belong to the filter group continue to be displayed.

The version of Speckle PowerBI Viewer is powerbiSpeckleVisual.2.19.0-wip If you want more information about the files I am using, I have attached the Power BI file.

Software Versions:
Revit 2021.1.2
Revit connector: 2.18.4
Power BI: Version: 2.128.1380.0 64-bit (April 2024)
Power BI connector: 2.18.1

try Power BI Version: 2.122.746.0 64-bit (October 2023)

@hesham.bendary01 I downloaded two versions: 2.122.746.0 64-bit (October 2023) and 2.122.442.0 (October 2023), and the same thing happens with both.

However, after testing and testing, I have noticed something. When I apply the filters, switch page, and then return to the page where I applied the filter, the elements that do not belong to the filter DO get hidden.

Thanks for this additional information @Joff_20, I don’t have a fix for you right now, but it helps us reproduce the issue.

@jonathon willing to help. Please let me know what information you would need to replicate it.