Developing a plugin for Yacht Designers

Hi Speckle team,
I am developing a plugin for Rhino for yacht designers. You app could replace my BIM tools, my Excel import & Export and my JSON serialisation. Also possibly my structure components. Could I schedule a chat before I make a commitment?

Sounds fun. I’ve always loved the varied industries around Rhino, from earrings to battleships.

Reach out to me, and we can determine what parts you are looking into are feasible.

In advance, though, sketching out how the kit-of-parts fits your users’ workflows will be useful context.

Thanks Jonathon
My concern is if I rewrite my apps with Speckle I am not sure how I would deploy. Obviously I can do that research but its a big commitment to re-write. At the moment I use elefront BIM and a number of other plugins that could be replaced with one - and if my understanding is correct, made synchronous.
I export weights to a spreadsheet, import the final weight and center of gravity back from the spreadsheet, after all the other items have been added, then sink and trim the 3D model down till the displacement matches the weights and the center of bouyancy sits under the center of gravity.