Designing a dashboard

I need a dashboard to present various alternative designs regarding energy usage, daylighting and comfort and wonder if you can recommend a platform? Prefarable it should be as easy to access as the Speckle viewer and just as easy to set up.

The go-to for accessible dashboard building seems to have become PowerBI. If you are wanting something entirely bespoke on web then there are so many options.

In both instances, there is the whole community here doing similar things at different scales. Perhaps just a little more detail about what you want to achieve.

We can start with our (now a little old) Speckle-Dash tutorial - is this what you have in mind?

Or do you have something more like Arup’s ACT in mind?


What I am looking for is something visualized on the web, preferable without the need to set up a server (like, and without the need for external users to login or have some form of account. I am not sure if PowerBI can do this (I have a Microsoft 365-account if this helps) and Speckle is quite nice. The result would be general metrics from a number of Speckle Streams and the possibility to dig into a separate stream.

Hi @jonathon,
I’d like to build a web with some custom styling of the speckle viewer and some batch automation triggered by commits received on a specific branch.

The idea would be to allow the user to create a custom camera, and select a property to batch export a PNG of a model view, filtered by that property (most likely the level they belong) to generate a diagram for a report where you see only the level you are describing on the page. But I need to iterate through every value of the attribute to have every possible diagram.

Additionally, I’d like to style some elements of the viewer to meet our graphic standards:

  • The background of the viewer to white
  • Isolate but maintain the original colour, not override
  • Add to the ghosted material of the unseen geometry some thin contour line.

I’m not sure how much of this is possible, but I’d like to try to get somewhere there

Good news for you @j.beneitez !

The viewer is becoming more powerful every day, in case you missed the last community standup here’s a recap of the new API: Sept'23 - Community StandUp! - #11 by sendaspeckle

I’m not sure it allows yet for the degree of customization you need, the other option might be forking it.
In regards to “some batch automation triggered by commits received on a specific branch” we have some BIG news to announce during SpeckleCon, so stay tuned! :sunglasses:

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