Deleting objects in Revit and receiving it in sketchup doesn't work

Deleting objects in Revit and receiving it in sketchup doesn’t work

Tried creating, moving, and deleting objects in revit and receiving it in sketchup. All operations work fine except for deleting objects in revit. When I delete an object in Revit and send it to Speckle, it removes the object in the online viewer but doesn’t when you receive it in sketchup (May it be a wall or a furniture, any object)

Step 1: Created walls and a component in Revit

Step 2: 3D in online viewer (works fine)

Step 3: Receive it in Sketchup

Step 4: Delete a wall and the component in revit

Step 5: How it looks in the online viewer

Step 6: Receive it in sketchup

As you can see in Step 6, the wall was only detached from the rest of the walls, but not deleted. Also the component was still there in sketchup.

Kindly need help on this, thank you!

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Hey @Kurk_Zacarias,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue. I could reproduce it, and we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated on this thread.


Any news about this?

@Kurk_Zacarias, Our release cycle is fairly rapid, but we’re not quite there with daily software updates. Your reported issue has been logged for action.

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