Delete a commit from web interface

Dear Izzy,
how do I delete a commit that was pushed mistakenly in Globals instead of Main ?
This is often happening in Blender as the default selected branch is always globals (it shouldn’t be because it often leads to mistakes like this)
Dimitrios @ PrismArch

Hey Dimitrios!

Unfortunately, you can’t delete commits from the web interface. Deleting commits is not really encouraged so we don’t want to make it a simple action to do. However, sometimes it is necessary and honestly the easiest way from the browser is to hop over to the /graphql endpoint and write a commitDelete request there.

Regarding globals being the selected branch, that is pretty annoying and it should be fixed. I’ve created a ticket for it and will try and fit it in with the next release.

Thanks Izzy, seems that I have to write more than 20 characters to get my answer to you posted.


We actually do have a backlog item on allowing users to delete issues! See: Feat: delete commits · Issue #129 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub

It was requested as well in Some ideas for Speckle Rhino and web interface and by a few more users, so we might get on it at some point!