Delayed Custom Transport Run

Hey Speckle people!

I have written a custom Transport for Speckle and implemented it in Grasshopper. See my original post below.

It all works fine, but I have a question. :slight_smile:

The transport method is triggered and runs when data enter the Speckle Transport component. In my case it means that the files are uploaded to Azure.
Is there a way where the transport is only instantiated when data enters the Transport component, but then when the send button is clicked in the Speckle Send component the transport method is called? In my case that is when the files are uploaded.


Hm - tricky. The “send to transport” node is eager, and executes on any input change - we didn’t invest much into it. We’d be happy with a PR adding a toggle input for sending!

Alternatively, you can try inputting your transport in the classic send node - that should, in theory, only send when instructed to!