Curtain Wall panel with nested shared famillies

Hi, I’m trying to send multiple curtain wall where each panel is a combination of multiple nested shared family but when I want to see them online it return me an error and nothing show up !

Step to reproduce :

  • Create a curtain wall with panel with shared family.
  • Select it in 3D.
  • Send it to you stream.
  • Go see it on web interface.

What do I miss ? Should I select nested shared family instead of curtain wall ? Is there a problem with shared family ? Does it only work with system family ?

Thank for the future replies !

I have checked this as well, what I found is below…

Sending using the Selection method:
You would need to actually “TAB” and select the nested shared families individually for them to be sent through Speckle. (It would be great to have the nested shared families sent through when having the parent family selected)

Sending using Visible in View method:
Nested shared families get sent without any issues.


That’s helpful feedback @M.Tarabishy. I have logged your issue as a support test, and someone from the Revit team will investigate it.

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That what I was thinking !

I just test this but, accidentally, I clicked on preview and Speckle has crashed with Revit loosing my work :frowning:

It seem that even you select all shared nested family it doesn’t send it normally.

Here is the real model vs what you see online after sending the model :


Hey @Thomas-Lcp @M.Tarabishy

Would you be able to share with us a sample Revit file?
We could certainly send the nested families within it; it’s just something we haven’t encountered before :slight_smile:

@Thomas-Lcp I’m sorry for your crash when you clicked on the preview button; we’d like to fix that too! Is it something you can reproduce consistently?

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Hey @teocomi

I sent you a message containing a Revit project with placed families (having nested shared families)… I am not facing the issue mentioned above by Thomas, so maybe he can share his findings as well.

For my case, whenever I send the objects visible in view to a stream and try to receive it back, speckle creates duplicate elements because it is treating the nested shared families as separate elements.

Output after receiving the stream:

1- The parent family (which includes the nested shared families).
2- A duplicate instance for each shared family created separately from the parent family.

3 (bonus)- One of the nested shared STR. Framing elements fails to be created separately in its position, so maybe that would something to check as well.

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Yes I can reproduce it consistently, every time I select all shared nested family and click preview Revit suddenly crash :magic_wand:.

File has been sent in PM.

Thanks you both!
Our team will look at these in the next few weeks.

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