Creating Text Objects in SpecklePy

We’re currently exploring the functionalities of SpecklePy within our (GitHub - 3BMLabs/ Python Library for creating buildings, building systems, objects, and exporting to various programs like Blender, Revit, Speckle.) environment and have encountered a specific challenge. We’re wondering if it’s possible to create text objects directly in SpecklePy.

Currently, we’re resorting to somewhat crude methods to generate our own text objects in Speckle. We’re hoping for a more elegant solution or any insights on how to achieve this directly within SpecklePy.

If anyone has knowledge or experience with creating text objects in SpecklePy, we’d greatly appreciate your guidance. Additionally, if there are any code examples available, it would be incredibly helpful for us to better understand the process.

A little more insight into what you want to use Text objects in Speckle would be beneficial.

We currently have minimal support for text in the Viewer. Is that where you want to utilise this, or is it more of an object markup facility between applications you seek?