Creating Speckle objects with SpecklePy

As part of our example components, we’re utilizing the (GitHub - 3BMLabs/ Python Library for creating buildings, building systems, objects, and exporting to various programs like Blender, Revit, Speckle.) environment for various purposes, including the creation of steel objects. Currently, we’re interested in exploring the integration of speckle beams, speckle walls, and speckle floors into our workflow to enhance interoperability with other programs.

Could someone provide an example or guide on how to create these speckle objects using Python? It’s crucial for us to maintain the object class during the exchange process.

Any insights or guidance on this topic would be immensely helpful!

A similar answer to your other question: [Creating Extrusions and Sweeps with SpecklePy - #2 by jonathon]

The :hash: Objects library in Speckle-Sharp is the superset of all directly supported schemas for Speckle. The subset :snake: Objects within SpecklePy supports the applications for which we have connectors for utilising that SDK. So, it is possible to create BIM-ready objects by creating Python classes that implement the DotNet classes in Speckle-sharp.