Creating Extrusions and Sweeps with SpecklePy

We’re currently delving into the capabilities of SpecklePy within our (GitHub - 3BMLabs/ Python Library for creating buildings, building systems, objects, and exporting to various programs like Blender, Revit, Speckle.) environment. Specifically, we’re curious about creating extrusions and sweeps using SpecklePy. However, we’ve encountered difficulties, particularly with the extrusion feature.

Is it possible to create an extrusion and sweep using SpecklePy? Do you happen to have a code example that could help us troubleshoot? We’ve been struggling to get the extrusion working effectively.

Any insights, code snippets, or guidance on this matter would be immensely appreciated!

Nominally, yes, but to display these in the Viewer, you must also generate a DisplayValue Mesh.

The :hash:Objects library in Speckle-Sharp is the superset of all directly supported schemas for Speckle. The subset :snake:Objects within SpecklePy supports the applications for which we have connectors for utilising that SDK.

So, it is possible to create BIM-ready objects by creating Python classes that implement the DotNet classes in Speckle-sharp.

To view these in the web, it will also be necessary to include a DisplayValue Mesh(es)