Create Revit Floors from Rhino Meshes

Dear Speckle Team,

would it be possible to create Revit floors from Rhino meshes as well? Currently we can only use surfaces as input:

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Hi Marius,
We are using outline of the surface as the boundary of the floor element in Revit. Getting outlines from a mesh is not as straightforward as a brep geometry (correct me if im wrong @clrkng ). We will need to consider mesh to bim in more detail. Therefore, there may not be a quick solution here.

But you can do it through Grasshopper if you want.

Thanks @gokermu. To retrieve mesh boundaries in Rhinocommon you could get all naked edges:

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Another request: it seems that only planar surfaces can be converted to Revit floors. Would it be possible to allow for non-planar input as well?

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Do non-planar floors exist in Revit? The Revit API has always (to my memory) created horizontal floors (which you could then slope)

Is your expectation that a non-planar surface (or mesh) would create multiple sloped floors with multiple split lines and slopes?

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Hey @mariuszhermansdorfer ,

Yeah, we don’t support it atm. Its gonna be a bit tricky tho as mentioned by @jsdbroughton, Revit doesn’t do it by default so we have to edit the shape of the created floor element. I believe we’ll do it eventually Its just a matter of resources :wink:. You can create an issue on Github if you want so we don’t forget it :sweat_smile:.

I guess this could be one way of approaching this:

  1. Take a Rhino mesh
  2. Convert it to Topo
  3. Convert Topo to a Floor object

Thanks @mariuszhermansdorfer. This will make the development easier hopefull :slight_smile: I’ll let you know once we implement it.