Create new Types in Revit if family exists

Hello everyone!

Sometimes when we import elements, usually coming from another Revit model, the connector asks to map the new types. Would be awesome to have the option to create the new type if the family is loaded into the project, duplicating an existing one and changing the name.

I’m not asking to set the parameters into the type because sometimes they are not created within the projects (project parameters and shared parameters).

Ok, let me know what do you think! :slightly_smiling_face:

We are collating suggestions for the next phase of the Mapper initiative so this is a good one to add to the list - I don’t have a timeline for you as there are a tonne of other connectors goodies coming down the pipe rn but @gokermu will be certainly interested :smiley:


Hey @efdiloreto ,

Just to clarify, if the project includes family but not the type, do you want Mapper to create those types for you by duplicating an existing type and updating it’s parameters? Do you think this would be limited to System families (e.g. Walls, Floors, Ceilings etc.) or for Component Families too?

Hi @gokermu!

I think it’s easier for system families because they exist in all models. Component families need to be loaded into the document and have the correct category.

Regarding the parameters, it would be awesome to update them, but in some cases, they might not exist in the project (Project parameters and Shared parameters).

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I have another idea @gokermu . Just let me know if it’s possible to implement.

What about receiving types from Project Information?

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@efdiloreto, a lot is possible, but we should approach it with specific use cases in mind. What use case can Speckle fulfill that other methods are not already fulfilling?

Usually we have really big projects when we need to split a model in several models. Since they are parto of the same asset need to “share” a lot of common information between them.

But I think this feature might be very specific. Not sure if anyone is having the same problem.