Create and populate Revit room fields automatically

I have data that I would like to get into Revit as room fields. The rooms are existing in Revit but not the fields and I wonder if it would be possible to automatically get these into Revit without creating the room fields manually before importing them. The data can be found in a excel column with a header containing the new field name or as custom property in Blender.

Right now I first create the new room fields manually, create a room schedule manually, stream the schedule to Excel, edit the empty room fields and stream the edit excel selection to Revit. What I would is just no steam rooms from an external tools with new data.

We hear the requirement for injecting properties into revit; we also hear just as strongly that this is deeply undesirable.

Right now, no parameters are created in Revit models for any elements.

The workflow you describe/suggest is right; add Instance Project Parameters (from Shared or otherwise) and then populate in Excel using Parameter Updater to a schedule or, by other means, e.g. scripts.

If I cannot inject additional room data into Revit, could I inject it into a complete speckle stream of a Revit model and visualise the additional room fields there?

Yes, this is absolutely possible - are you hoping for an Excel-based workflow?

I would prefer if it was possible to send it from Blender as custom properties.