Crash on Windows10 when receiving data from server

I have been developing a script in grasshopper that receives data from the speckle server and then creates a wall from it. When developing on my computer AirMac M2 2023, no issues, but when testing the grasshopper script on a Windows10 PC it crashes when receiving the data from the speckle server. There is no error shown when this happens, so i’ve been having a hard time troubleshooting it.

The data send to the speckle server is send from a internal tool that uses specklepy to create a commit and push it to the server. The data is custom and does not use the objects from speckle. Only the mandatory Base object is used.

There is no known limitation on porting GH for Mac (ARM) to GH for PC (x86).

I only ask that you share your Speckle project and the GH script with us for debugging. Otherwise, there is not much to go on why this might be.

Hey @jonathon,

Thanks for the quick reply! I have done some digging and debugging in the GH script, and found the issue to be the Speckle receiver or stream get, as seen in the example i uploaded with the steps on Windows10.

The Speckle stream is located on a speckle server (temporary) hosted on a virtual (ec2) instance.
The Speckle server is running on v. 2.18.4, i just updated it to v. 2.18.8

This is an example of the object that we are trying to receive - works on ARM not on x86.

It is only these components that results in the crash:

Tell me if you need any additional information.
Thanks in advance!

This is still happening - is anyone having the same issue?

I’m afraid I cannot replicate anything here. Your custom data is published from an internal tool on a server I cannot access.

Can you receive these elements in Rhino?

The issue was resolved by itself - properly with some new update being rolled out.