Could not update connector

Manager 2.7.10, connector 2.9.x (x=3 or 4)

When trying to update connectors such as Revit, Dynamo, Rhino, Grasshopper, it shows error

The corresponing software is not installed.

But I do have Revit 2020-2023, Rhino 7.24 installed.

Do you have any software running that have Speckle connectors?

Many of them share resources so if you have Rhino open Revit will not update for example.

Second thought, were they installed “For you” or “For all Users”?

  1. No software was running.
  2. Manager doesn’t provide any option when installing the connectors.

The revit and rhino does show Speckle 2.10.x in them. But Manager keeps showing there are updates from 2.9.x to 2.10.x

Hmm… ok so it may be a manager problem then! Does this persist even after:

  • Pressing the refresh button on the manager window
  • Closing the manager completely and open it again (right-click on the toolbar icon → close)
  • A full restart of your computer

Sorry to have you poking around but this would be very helpful in identifying were the problem is coming from.

Thanks in advance!

I did uninstallation and reinstallation, a full restart of my computer, but it does’t help.

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