Could not get projects with my account

Hi! I’m trying to upload a Revit model to Speckle, but the message “Could not get projects with account onde server” comes up every time I open the Revit Connection! I tried to create a new project on dashboard before upload the model, but it didn’t work. What should I do?

Great to see you join the Speckle community @JuBrunholo - welcome

  1. You say that creating a new project on the dashboard doesn’t work for you, do you mean you successfully created a project online but don’t see it in the Revit connector, or that you couldn’t create a project at all?

  1. Do you see your accounts connected in the dropdown I’m highlighting?

Otherwise, are you working on a machine behind a corporate firewall, a virtual machine, from a VPN setup?

Hi @jonathon! Thanks for the reception!

  1. Hmm, no! It doesn’t appear there…
  2. I can create a project online, but I don’t see it in the Revit connector!

I guess Revit is not connecting to the web. Could be it?

Thats what it points to which led to my 3rd question:

Sorry, i’m working on a machine behind a corporate firewall!

Ok then - what is happening is that you can get to Speckle in your browser because it is expected that browser make calls to the internet, what is perhaps less expected is that Revit is now trying to. Please refer to FAQs | Speckle Docs , you may have to speak to your IT team.