Correct Phase Import

Good Evening everyone,

how are people importing a specific phase from revit into another program. I use speckle and send out my my model but i cant get to receive on “New Phase” and brings in everything.

He @Ricardo_Chavez welcome to Speckle.

By another program do you mean a different Revit instance or something else.

We haven’t been given many use cases for workflows migrating phases to other applications, what did you have in mind?

Phases are poorly supported in the Revit API which we rely on for data conversion to Revit back from Speckle. Mostly it is correct on receive, but some elements have support only for receiving to the “current” phase.

Our connectors do not offer a way to filter on receive; currently. I would suggest only sending the Phase you need, and so on receive you will not get the rest.

To send by Phase, you can create a filter in and send by that.